Mufasa Taught Us


Currently listening to the brilliant Alua Arthur and Caitlin Doughty talking/answering questions about death (I’m currently taking their MORTAL course. I’ll include the info below).

Caitlin was talking about how we have to remember we are part of a food chain. We are part of nature. We are part of a circle.

By being a human who dies, we are one with the world and the order of things. (Isn’t it great to FEEL a PART of that?)

It got me thinking, y’all…Mufasa told ya.

You can’t love The Lion King and call death positivity “morbid”. We were made to do it.

Mufasa taught us…

Check out the “MORTAL” course info here. <<<——This class is meant for anyone who will die….soo….

Hope you’re having a great week, and happy (almost) Friday!